Welcome to the Workshop!

From more authentic assignments to more effective writing, there are a lot of great arguments for taking your teaching out of closed systems like Moodle and on to the open web. In this session, we will look at an introductory overview of three tools for teaching on the open web — WordPress, Wikipedia, and Twine — and talk about the rewards (and risks!) of doing our learning and teaching in public. By the end of this session, you’ll have had hands-on time with these tools and be able to decide if this kind of teaching is right for you.

Session Agenda:

    • What do we mean by the “open web,” and what are other educators doing with this space?
    • The benefits of open approaches to teaching and learning.
    • Risks and cautions for the use of open web tools.
    • Examples of and hands-on time with our featured tools:
      • WordPress
      • Wikipedia
      • Twine
    • Next steps: how to pursue teaching with one of these tools.